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“A mom of three, and a wife of only one, this momma loves to have fun!”


 When I started creating this blog, I thought of writing about my family, children and career. But once I started actually writing on the site, I realized that I might write about all of the above and then some. As a mother of three, with one on the Autism spectrum, one a constant chatterbox, and one as inquisitive as ever, I know that even on the subject of raising children, I most likely will have plenty to say. Many people often wonder what it is like to raise “neurotypical” children alongside special needs children. Anyone raising children on the spectrum, know that a “normal” life does not necessarily apply to us. But, that does not mean our lives are miserable or depressing either. Yet, as our children age, a new challenge awaits us as well. How to adjust to our pumpkins becoming teens, and then adults also develops as part of the journey. Full of challenges, humor, and fun, raising our children is one of the fastest ways to realize just how Perfectly Special our families truly are. This site was created to celebrate that uniqueness. To share in, and bring awareness to, the experience itself. So, if you have a sense of humor and love interesting posts at random…if you have or love a person with Autism or any other disability, then you have come to the right place.

*disclaimer: Author is not responsible for any consequences of you laughing your head off or wetting yourself. Those who are easily offended should proceed with caution.* 

Donald Joseph Roach, Jr

Noni-Ayanna Gobern-Roach

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