Special Nuggets: Get your Eat on…

Each day as I face the wonderful world of special needs parenting, there comes a time when I need strength and guidance myself. Many ask where my inner drive to do, speak, help and love comes from. I wish I could claim to be some sort of amazing person without bias or anger etc…but that would be a lie. My inner strength, focus and direction comes from my relationship with God. I know people hear that religious jargon a lot, but I honestly and truly mean it. Sometimes, I have to pull away to a personal place and re-center myself so that I do not get filled with all the negativity around me. I am not immune to the things happening in the world, I just will not allow it to consume me, steal my joy, or manipulate me. Granted, there are days when I don’t listen to God or get angry with Him (just like any other relationship in life), but overall, He is the only one I can truly trust to look out for my personal well being without personal gain. Of course, when I don’t listen, I usually have to re-align myself quickly again since, well, a mess in my life usually ensues as a warning..  But, for the most part, I do my best to listen so that I can make it day to day without too much chaos created by my own will.

That being said, my Autistic son, who for the sake of privacy I will call “Joseph,” loves chicken nuggets.  It is one of his favorite staple foods.  For other parents with children on the spectrum, I am sure you can relate to this fascination with certain foods alongside his obsession with ketchup.*lolketchupThis is how this page received it’s name. Whenever God reveals something to me either in my personal meditations or bible study, they tend to serve like special little nuggets that keep me going and fuel my spiritual body with the energy needed to keep moving. Raising both an autistic child as well as two “neurotypical” children has it’s own unique set of challenges. I usually journal or talk my family’s ears off, but I decided to share them with you fine people. Because, well, why not?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, coffee is also an awesome motivator for me in the morning, but these little private revelations tend to last longer with greater benefits. coffeeAs I wrote the title, I also realized it contains the word “Special.” This also goes great with my website’s focus “Perfectly Special.” Like how God did that? *lol…Not only are our beautiful children “Perfectly Special” just the way they are, but so are we as special needs parents in the eyes of God. We need our “ketchup fix” too.

So sit back, take a chill pill, grab your coffee, or put on your nature sounds (whatever floats your boat) and take a minute to eat a special nugget for your day. (They will be placed under the “Special Nuggets” page here on the site. However, whether you eat here or somewhere else, just make sure to eat! We all need to in order to survive.

Stay Blessed,


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