Special Nuggets: Get your eat on!

Each day as I face the wonderful world of special needs parenting, there comes a time when I need strength and guidance myself. Many ask where my inner drive to do, speak, help and love comes from. I wish I could claim to be some sort of amazing person without bias or anger etc…but that would be a lie. My inner strength, focus and direction comes from my relationship with God & tons of humor. My favorite motto in life is “If you can find the humor  in anything, even (“you fill in the blank”), you can survive it.” Not only do I live that motto, I base this entire website page on it. So sit back, relax, and get your daily eat on! #enjoy

Perfectly Special Cartoons

Cartoons created with my ASD teen & his siblings (my other minions*lol)

Chronicles of NoniA: Short Stories Just 4 Fun

A little short story series called The Chronicles of Nonia. Yes, it is a pun on the lovely movie Narnia in case you missed that and/or in case the huge picture above was not enough to help aid in the connection…

Special Memes

Just because I love memes… so, here they are.

Special Articles

Articles on various topics. Enjoy!

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